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About Binary Option Robots

 Binary option robots determine many significant features that can enrich your binary option trades fruitfully and quickly. For the betterment of the traders, those features are given below:

  1. Binary option robots determine 100 percentages automated trading system that helps the traders to trade properly and easily. This automated process has ability to process and analyze the data correctly and authentically. Moreover, it can send accurate signals to make profit. You will have to get accurate result as it is very much scientific method oriented software.
  2. Binary option robots compatibles regulated brokers. Trusted methods start only with authorized binary option brokers that maintain the essential stamps of authorization from certified organizations.  It cannot be tired at all but human being can be tired. So, it can offer 24 hours service in a day
  3. Binary option robots prove solid result for the betterment of the traders. Moreover, the actual robots ought to be able to offer a very first-rated level of signals’ skill. Even, it helps the traders to earn more. There is no partiality here; therefore, you can deserve unique results always.
  4. Binary option robots indicate maximum winning rate always that a trader wants always. If binary option robots can help the traders to win 93% average, these robots are lawful and good for the traders. You can accept it a lawful robot.
  5. Avoid scam robot that is harmful for the traders. There are so many scams binary option traders are available in our surrounding. Before executing the account, you should justify the brokerage house or robots.
  6. Binary option robots are computer based program that are really actual and accurate to the traders. It is an actual method where the traders can be continued in tension free styles. It analyzes and makes profit when you sleep.
  7. Binary option robots can analyze all types of trends and signal with a view to making profit within very short time structure. Most of the time it is very much tough to analyze the trends and features of the binary option business for the human beings but the robots can do it easily.
  8. Binary option robots go very logically as these robots are totally emotion free that do not affect the trade at all. Moreover, human being has possibility to fall in over excitement of emotion at the time of trading but the robots have not this type of possibility.
  9. Most of the robots use computer generated signal that are very much authenticated and actual for the traders. So, there is no partiality here. So, you can trade without any hesitation and doubt.
  10. Binary option robots are very much watchful to the whole traders. It can justify and monitor the trends and movement of individual’s trader.  So, you can trust upon binary option trade to make your trade standard and accurate.
  11. Binary option robots are automated pre-build tool that does not exist in any other outline of asset. It increases your opportunity to earn lot. So start trade with binary option robot and see the outstanding results.
  12. Binary option robots have total control over traders’ investments and robots are able to manage their business situation at any time in a profitable way.
  13. Binary option robots have rapidly become the top most popular trading software in the binary trading industry. It offers superb and outstanding services for all trades who want to earn more and who has no enough free time to trade in earning ways.
  14. Binary option robots provide the traders mind-blowing and unique automated trading experience and charisma with a view to making profit.
  15. Binary option robots are planned to be user-friendly and these robots also represents an amazing binary option platform for traders of all kinds like newcomers and professionals.
  16. Binary option robots always ready to offer the best success rate. The traders can avoid trading risks with the help of binary option robots.
  17. Moreover, binary option robots offer varieties of language in the whole world like English, Turkish, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Finnish, Danish, Czech, and Bulgarian and so on. It very much customer oriented where customers or traders can get top most helps or supports any time.


Some more about Binary Options Trading

Binary Options trading was approved and recognized by the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) in 2008. Within a short interval of time, this inception gathered lots of appreciation and public attention. As a fresh trading market, binary options trading witnessed a flood of brokers trying to settle in the budding market for binary options. In this huge crowd of brokers, few brokers are legitimate that offers satisfactory customer service and their powerful track record make their presence in the market. The binary Options market has also some shady brokers that just aim to make money instead of generating profits to the investors.

New traders face difficulty in finding a broker that is trustworthy and reliable because a large volume of brokers is promising to be best at their service. Novice traders are afraid of scam and take long to get the broker of their desire.


For investors, it is very important to understand what kind of broker one need because broker according to investor’s desire can save capital and time.

One important thing that investor should keep in mind while picking the best binary options trading broker is the legitimacy of the broker. Check weather broker is regulated or not. Unfortunately, this is not going to be simple because it differs place to place or country to country. Each country has its own set of trading regulations for example in the United Kingdom; brokers are regulated by FCA (Financial Services Authority) whereas, in U.S, they are regulated under the FIRA Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

In the beginning of binary options trading, a large group of brokers is not regulated, but things have changed over the past few years. Now large numbers of binary options brokers are regulated.


To extract satisfactory profit and to minimize the risk of loss an investor can rely on a broker.  It becomes very important to trade with a right broker that not only make a profit but also increase investors knowledge about the financial market.

Following are the few thing that an investor or trader should keep in mind before picking a trader to invest.


While selecting a broker, it is important to consider the market capitalization.  A broker must have large capital to back the amount. If he/she can’t afford that much amount, the chances of broker’s bankruptcy increases and an investor can lose their funds.

Trading Platforms

In binary options trading lots of trading options available out there, different questions arise in the mind of traders like which is the best binary options brokers is right for them? Each trading platform has its own perspective of monitoring and analyzing the market. It is not a right thing to praise one such platform because each platform comes with its merits and demerits. The final decision of choosing platform is in the hands of the trader.


A percentage of investment is provided to trade by binary options brokers for the prediction of the asset cost. This percentage varies from broker to broker.


In binary options trading investor will find a large number of assets to trade with. The best Binary options trading brokers involve commodity, indices, gold, currency pairs etc.

Customer Service

Well, reputed Binary Options trading brokers offer a number of ways to keep in contact with their customer support service. Moreover, they provide their customer support in various languages.


New traders come across many pitfalls while looking for a reliable, good and potential binary options trading broker. However, above steps can help investors to eliminate some of their bad experience of finding a potential broker.  An investor is suggested to do proper research before picking up any broker to trade.

Choosing the ideal binary options brokers

There is no relation between traders and brokers in the binary options arena. If still they be related, the trader can be the guard and broker is his helping tool. One can achieve heights of success with and without a broker. But, some traders believe that brokers are here to make our lives easy in the trading world. To avoid disappointment of choosing a bad broker, it is essential to choose the ideal one that helps you progress on the profitable track and if you lose, should help you recover in smoother way.


Besides the absence of no relation between a broker and a trader, a broker should be chosen as if you are choosing your spouse. You need to know everything about him, from past experience to success rate and referrals to fellow trading experiences. It is always imperative to choose the right broker and know that the source in which you are investing money is reliable and trustworthy.

For their account holders, brokers have different sets of terms and conditions for their account holders. Additionally, different brokers offer different types of credit promotions and payout methods for different clients. There might be the case that your broker resides in a different time zone and it might be difficult to reach him in case you have any urgent query. Some brokers also offer VIP services at the timings preferred by the client at different rates.


When it comes to amount, different brokers have different minimum and maximum deposit limits. They often place limits on minimum and maximum trade amounts. Why we are mentioning this point here is because these figures can provide an investor a good estimate of the size of the brokerage they will be dealing with. Binary options brokers that offer small trade amounts and need big deposits should be avoided. This often maximizes the sum of money in the bank account of a broker but gives nothing to the investor. A perfect broker is one that offer amount of money matching to the money amount an investor is willing to pay. Also, a broker offering trade amount in currencies you are prefer should be an idle one. In all cases, it should be always kept in mind that a smaller broker can also offer maximum and desired deposit which might suit better than bigger broker.

Before getting your hands wet in the ocean of binary options trading, it is essential to kwon about different sectors and assets of particular companies. A much wiser advice to follow here is to choose a broker that gives a limited number of assets in the portfolio of options available. As a thumb rule of trading industry, it is always good to go for less number of assets than trying to gain profit on several ones at one point of time.

There are plenty of ways through which you can determine and know the options available with a particular brokerage. If as a trader, you still found yourself in the light of doubt, you may contact the broker and gain knowledge about a particular asset in which your interest lies. By examining and questioning your broker before hand, you can easily get a good idea of the quality of customer service you will gain. The service quality and honesty could also be determined by the speed and accuracy of the answers you receive.

As one can see, it is not difficult to trade in the binary options arena, but it might be a bit tricky to choose the right broker. Since, there are plenty of them out there, it is important to keep your mind focused and see if the broker is capable of fulfilling all the desired goals you want him to.


Best Binary Options Brokers

Best binary options brokers are fundamentally needed in order to execute the money making binary option trading. To choose best binary option brokers, a trader should justify some vital qualities of binary options brokers like regulation, registration, and certification by the governing body, enough capitalization, payout platforms, and payout offered, mindful customer services, secured and potential trading environment, assert offering, supporting multiple currencies trading experiments, fair and smooth deposit and withdrawal systems. In fact, the more the trader selects standard and verified brokers, the more the traders benefited. To be a perfect and experienced binary options broker, you should choose strategic, honest, qualifies, experienced and helpful premium binary options brokers.




Deposit your money in an authentic and best binary options broker to make your investment huge and large. Some important characteristics can make binary options brokers honest, certified and actual to the traders. Those characteristics are really helpful to choose the best binary options brokers. For the betterment of the binary traders in the world these features and characteristics are given below very chronologically and logically.

Authentic Regulation and Registration can make Binary options Broker Best:

Trading with regulated binary options brokers are often the best important factor when creating opening a trading real account. Every binary option trader should look into the regulation of the concerned broker at the time of opening binary option account. Moreover, registered and regulated brokers can provide the guarantee for the safety of the traders’ deposit. This type of regulatory can make a good framework between the traders and the brokers very reciprocally and logically.  Every county has certified and governing body to observe the legalities of the binary options brokers. In fact, through these types of characteristics a trader can recognize the actual and best binary options brokers. So you should the best and perfect binary options brokers to implement your deposit safe, tension free and profitable.

Binary Options Brokers’ sufficient Capitalization can determine the best binary options brokers:

To select the best or premium binary options brokers, a trader should select those bookers who have sufficient capital. Actually well capitalized binary options brokers can decrease the risk of losing all funds if the binary options brokers do go insolvent. Sufficient capitalization of the brokers can make them popular and acceptable to the binary options traders. Well brokers have to have millions of dollars in their mother accounts to still apply for the regulation. Ensuring the capitalization of the binary brokers is one of the important and vital factors to catch lot of traders.

Authentic Trading Platform can ensure the best Binary Options Brokers:

There are so many trading platforms are available in the binary options trading markets. Most of them are web-based where a trader will have to search their logo and actual platform to open an account for trading smoothly and authentically. A trader should ensure that the binary options brokers’ trading platform can help as many as pair exchange combinations especially with regards to the most important currencies. Even, a platform, which performs with various currencies, is the best binary option broker in the world.

Popular asset List is an important factor to be the Best Binary Options Brokers:

The popular asset list indicates the best binary options brokers. Actually, the general rule is, the more populated the list, the more serious the binary options brokers. It determines the actual and the best brokers.

Best Customer Services can ensure the Best Binary Options Brokers:

Customer service is the focal point to be the best binary options brokers and it indicate the quality of the brokers. By sending email, a trader can check the quality of the brokers. Live chatting options, providing welcome bonus can ensure the best binary options brokers.

Secured and Safety Environment of the Binary Options Brokers can help them to be the Best Brokers.

With the help of secured and scheduled environment of the brokers, a trader can be ensured the safety of the brokers’ trading qualities. Well secured binary options brokers can affect the transactions perfectly and popularly. A binary option trader ought to make sure that his/her trading platform is encrypted with a 128 bit SSL encryption key.

By and large, a trader should choose an honest, reliable, secured, authentic, secured, and well organized to be a successful trader. Best binary options brokers can ensure making money perfectly and logically.



Trading Platform


Binary option trading is the liveliest and vibrant business in today’s trading world. It has been popular very rapidly due to its simplicity, easy to trade option and vast money making opportunity. It has been started since 2008 but within these few years.  If you are a good trader, you will be successes but to be a good trader, you need to exercise some things. For the betterment of you, some important features are mentioned below that can help you to become a good trader.

Ways of becoming an expert binary option trader:

  1. Select an honest, authentic, prominent, profession al supporting binary option broker at first.
  2. In fact, a binary option broker is a website that permits you accessing to the binary option market through the trading platform of that broker. In this platform you can trade without any massager or middleman.
  3. Do not open an account in a cheat brokerage house or platform. Your all capital will be forfeit if you go there. So, before starting an account for trading, you need to justify the broker by chatting lively and sending email or something like this.
  4. Discuss your experiences with another experience trader to enrich your experience that can be blessing for your trading career.
  5. Read news, financial information; collect financial articles and eBook, research on markets with a view to becoming a perfect and experienced trader.
  6. In addition, you can attend in seminar regarding binary option trading or something like this. Moreover, many brokers arrange many workshops for the betterment of the traders and you can attend there with a view to enriching your trade experience.
  7. Before creating account, you will have to compare various brokers’ features and characteristics and at last you can get decision where your suitable one is. If you select in this way, your selection will be the best. So, do it for your own security.
  8. After selecting a binary option broker, registration is needed for opening an account and at the same time you will receive a confirmation that will have to be verified. Then your account will be active for trading smoothly.
  9. Practice demo account before starting real trade. Demo account can make you experienced and informed about all terms and conditions of the binary option trades. Through this demo account, you can learn all things regarding binary option trade.  You will have achieved all knowledge about binary before starting the real trade.
  10. After verification you can deposit and it’s up to you how much you want to deposit actually but from the very beginning you can deposit little. As you are immature in this filed.
  11. Even, you can get the membership plan depositing higher or lower amount for trading actually. In addition, you can increase your capital very chronologically. After getting maturation in this business, you can deposit more.
  12. Never be dominated with over excitement or emotion. If you trade on the basis of emotion, it not logical. Emotional trade brings negative impression for your trade. So trade logically, one day you will have to get success.
  13. Never be tempted with illegal or scam broker. They try to convince you always and they advertise their websites on the basis of various or multiple names. So, you ought to escape it.
  14. You may use various experimented signals for achieving good result from binary option trade. Signals can make you rich within very short time frame. Moreover, if you are very busy, you can trade on the basis of robots. Robot can continue trade very scientifically and systematically. Moreover, you can trade at the time of sleeping. So, you may rely on robots.
  15. Always maintain risk management. Experiment the market and escape the risk always. Try to be informed with updating news and information from the broker where you have created binary trading account.
  16. Never think of yourself expert as over confident is very bad and it can bring flaw in your trade. So, try to control yourself at the time of trading. Moreover, you may think yourself very immature in this field. Basically, if you think you know all, you can be lost your capital as your random trade.


Option Trader

binary_options_16An honest, on time, nationally and internationally approved, registered, valid, admired and bona fide binary option broker is extremely required for the betterment of the binary option traders to run the binary option trade successfully. Binary option broker is basically wanted with a view to receive lot of money. A binary option broker is always based on a binary option platform. A broker helps the traders in order to execute the trade and open new binary option trading account to start the binary option business. It stands for the genuine and established binary option trade for the betterment of the traders. To be a victorious and well-informed binary option trader, a straight, bona fide and natural binary option broker is greatly necessary. Moreover, the friendly approach of the broker may put together them accepted, arranged and applicable to the traders. They supply many very important and educational possessions for the augmentation of the binary options traders. To be a wonderful and qualified binary options broker, trader should prefer premeditated, sincere, qualified, experienced and accommodating first-rated binary options broker.


Trading with synchronized binary option broker is frequently the supreme central feature when creating opening a trading genuine account. Every binary option trader is supposed to observe the guideline of the authentic broker at the time of opening binary option account. Principally, the binary option broker may aid the traders to appearance a demo and real accounts in order to complete money making binary trading. A truthful and well-liked binary option broker determines the safety measures of the traders. The binary option broker makes a lot of trading accounts like demo and real and offers inducement bonuses and varieties of well-organized and successful services for the binary options traders. The binary option broker assists and supports the most recent and the practiced traders to supplement their invested funds speedily and greatly. There are so many binary option brokers are easily reached in the binary option trading marketplace but as a good and aware trader, a binary option trader should decide most excellent binary option broker to secure binary option deal. That exceptionality of the broker is really supportive to make a decision the most outstanding binary options broker which is very much desirable for the traders.

All the binary option traders should be cognizant regarding this importance of brokers to keep them secluded and protected. Even all good binary option brokers propel a range of money-spinning indicators or hints to the binary options traders for the vast betterment of traders. All bona fide and preeminent binary option brokers transport amounts or profit and all other businesses very rapidly and without producing any danger. All the requirements have been done with no trouble and knowingly for the betterment of the traders. A high-quality binary option broker has technical tool or tool like software, automaton, and warning sign providers and so on. Through the streamlined tools or instruments, a first-class broker provides a variety of reports and information in order to bring up to date for the traders incredibly and knowingly. In fact, the binary option broker is the immense personification of binary trading platform where the binary option trade can be ongoing. It symbolizes a administrator for the betterment of the binary option traders. Enough capitalization of the brokers can make them well-liked and satisfactory to the binary options traders. Well brokers must have huge and sufficient in their mother accounts to still apply for the parameter.

binary_options_09A binary option trader is supposed to ensure that the binary options brokers’ trading platform can help as many as pair swap over combinations particularly with regards to the most important currencies. Even a platform which performs with a variety of currencies is the most excellent binary option broker in the world. They provide a lot of very important and informative possessions for the enhancement of the binary options traders. The binary option broker helps and supports the most recent and the skilled traders to enrich their invested funds swiftly and vastly. By opening the demo perform account, the binary options broker make easy the most current binary option traders to be enriched by practice. Trading with coordinated binary option broker is recurrently the most admirable and significant issue when generating or opening real binary account.

Options Broker

Over recent years, binary options trading have turn out to be an established form of investment in the financial markets. Nothing like the Forex market or stock market where the brokers charge increases or commissions, binary options brokers don’t work in this method is remembering. Many binary options traders try to know how is it possible to make money over this binary options trading field. It’s obvious that binary options brokers are making money through online for the traders; otherwise they would have stopped performance a long time ago. It is established just few years ago but it is very much popular now as it is money making business. The question is how and the answer is apparently shrouded in anonymity. Binary options brokers in fact build wealth through a variety of ways. However, the accurate technique is reliant on the commerce model of the broker. One way of making cash is through the pricing of the binary options. Another method is through the trading behavior of traders. If a trader trades without any emotion or something like this, that trader will have to get win in the binary option trading industry within very short time frame.

Pricing of the Binary Options:

Binary options broker on the whole obtain their pricing structures from their liquidity supplier. When we would like to trade in binary options, we confirm out the prices of the plus point displayed on the trading platform together with the anticipated payout in dollars and cents. If we compensate closer concentration, the expected payment is not intended based on an accurate proportion payout. A convinced portion of the payout is in fact kept by the broker and this is the imbursement that the binary options broker can earn easily.

binary options 00026

Binary options trading are very well-liked in many countries around the whole globe. However, the majority people still inquire the question always “May you actually create profit or make money in binary options trading”. Trade with a legalized broker and be a winning trader in the binary options trading industry within very short time frame where your all capital will be also very much secured and safety. So, if you are thinking to be an owner of lot of money, binary options is the best for this.

A lot of peoples are being the owner of huge money in this trading platform but you need to go or trade wisely and thoughtfully to be a money maker. In this way, you need to create an account in a secured and regulated broker house that can give you guarantee for your capital and deposit. Even, if they are very much popular and active to the traders, you can go with them to for your trading. These types of brokers can help you or make you experienced to make money also.


Binary options trading are a shape of investing throughout forecasting the movement of a variety of assets such as silver, gold, the foreign currency exchange, commodity etc. It is however simpler. It has relatively less risks (in the sagacity that you will always recognize in advance what you could lose) and can offer better payouts. The thought is that you can build money in binary options only if you extravagance it as an actual form of put in. This means learning how it workings, learning how to understand charts and learning how you can construct accurate predictions. All these are not that not easy but it takes some moment. If you care for it as gambling and very soon formulate random predictions then you will obviously not win. In fact, trading binary options online is not as difficult as many people reflect it is. You don’t have to be a finances specialist in order to build money by trading binary options.


By and large, you need just patience, experience. Basically, if you are an expert trader, there is vast possibility to earn money. But if you go with the help of emotional acts, you will be failed to earn from this marketplace. So, be expert and trade wisely, you will have to be a popular and money maker machine within very short time frame in your community. It is only trade in the world that is being highly popular in the world.


How Do I Receive the Money I Won From a Binary?

profit-1139013_1280I would like to tell you that it is easy as going to the ATM to withdrawal the money you win from the binary trades, but it is not. There are rules and regulations that a broker can release the money to you. This is normal and you know you are working with someone reputable when they take time to release money to you.

The whole process can take anywhere from four to nine days from the time you go to the cashiers page on your binary brokers website. You simply go to the cashier’s page, enter the amount you want to withdrawal. You will have to choose a third party to get the money to you, because they do not deal with banks directly, but the options are safe. You will have already scouted out the broker you use and know that this whole process takes time and is safe.

The broker has to make sure that you made the money legitimately, and not through some sort of software. The brokers have to protect themselves as well. The wait time also depends on the fact that you are not the only person withdrawing money and every transaction has to be determined to be legitimate before they will release the money.

Some brokers have only a certain amount you can withdraw which means you have to keep making money in order to take any out, not all brokers are like this. There are plenty of brokers that have no minimum or maximum you can withdraw. You can set up your withdrawal at any time. You will have to wait, but as stated before this is normal with binary trading withdrawals.

It is very important to choose a broker that you know pays out the money you earn. You can easily find this out through reviews and statements from other people that have used the broker. Thanks to the internet you will be able to find out if the broker you want to use is professional or a scammer.



binary options 00038It is important to know that you will mostly be binary trading with companies outside the U.S. borders, because binary trading is yet to find it’s foot hold in regulation in the U.S.. Make sure that the broker you are interested in will allow trading from a U.S. citizen. There are a few reputable companies that are successfully providing U.S. binary trading. There are many binary option brokers these days, and you want to choose one that you feel confident with. An important detail to consider when finding a binary option broker is to making sure they are regulated brokers. If you are looking for an unregulated broker than that is fine, but if you are just starting with binary options, then the regulated broker is the way to go. If you only want to put your money into U.S. binary options then stay focused on the U.S. Be aware that some brokers will try to push you to invest your money in foreign binary options. Make sure you are aware that there can be extra fees with foreign binary options, exchange rates apply.

It is of the utmost importance that you choose a binary option broker who has plenty of assets. It would not be good to invest money with a broker who is about to go bankrupt. This can happen. Like any sound investment you want to ask question of the broker you are interested in and make sure they have been in the binary option market for a while.

The technology used with the broker you go with is important for you. You want a broker that provides an easy to understand website. The broker should also provide an easy to use website. This helps to make your choices and decisions on the binary options easier when you are not confused or muddled about how to use a website. The technology access provided by your broker is also important. Mobile and laptop or PC capabilities are a must. As our phones are usually on us all the time, you can keep an eye on your account as well keep up communication with your broker, if need be.

binary_options_10When choosing your binary option you want to make sure you know when the expiry is, the payout percentage, the reputation of the broker, and the minimum you can put up. There are a lot of scams out there as well. It is possible that someone may make you money, but then urge you to spend more and then only give you a little of what you earned. Make sure to read the reviews of the particular broker you are considering, and make sure they are legitimate reviews as well.

Some people believe binary option is gambling. It is a way of trading that people do today. It does draw some similarities, but binary trading is a legal form of trading that yields people plenty of earnings. As with the stock market itself, there is a risk involved in binary trading. The difference with binary trading is that the investor knows upfront how much they will gain and how much they will loss and when. It takes the guessing game out of conservative investment.

binary_options_11It is important that you know what you are getting into in binary trading. It is important to be aware of all the rules and regulations of the particular investing website you decide to go with. The best things is to take your time in investing with binary trading. Find out the ins and outs of the particular broker you are going to go with and do some trial calls and pulls, before actually putting up any money. This way you have more of a secure feeling when you put in your first binary option.

What happens when I lose with a Binary Option?

When the market does the exact opposite of what you set your binary option up for, it means less money in your pocket. All or most of the money that you put up will be reduced from your final balance. The good news is if you carry a balance of money with the broker, only the money you set up for that particular binary option goes back to the broker. This is how they can stay in business.

The going rate is that you can win at about 70% of the time which means you will lose 30 % of the time. If you start winning under 70% then you need to reconsider your strategy or maybe binary option is not for you. You can set up a time frame for yourself, say like a month and see how you are doing. If you are on the plus side after you take away your initial investment, and it falls within the 70 % win time then you are doing well.

The brokers for binary options are clever and offer you 10% of your money back sometimes so that you can still stay in the game. It is up to you if you want to continue binary option trading. You can add more money to your account if you need to. Always be aware of how much you are spending overall. You do not want to spend more than you can afford to lose. You really do not want to lose any of your money. You are in binary option to come out ahead.

The nice thing about the binary option is that you are never giving more money up after you set up the transaction. You know before anything is set how much you will lose if you do and the money is always in the account to be taken if you do lose. Hopefully losing will not be a big part of your binary option experience.