60 second binary options and how to trade them correctly

60 second binary options and how to trade them correctly

What is turbo binary options in 60 seconds

How to trade on this type of contract, the optimal choice of strategies and indicators for predicting market dynamics in 60 seconds.

Binary options are still very popular due to the fact that a trader can achieve high results in a very short period of time. In confirmation of this, in the article we will consider this type of contract as options for 60 seconds.

What is binary options for 60 seconds

Binary options for 60 seconds (60 second options, 1 minute options, turbo, turbo options) is a contract with a transaction period of one minute. Accordingly, the approach to working with such options should be special.

60 second binary options seem very attractive to most traders. This is due to the fact that literally in a short period of time, the investor has the opportunity to get up to 70-80% of capital investments. However, everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Features of trading binary options 60 seconds

Turbo option First of all, given the limited time, such contracts require an increased concentration of attention. Naturally, they are very similar to ordinary binary options. But it is precisely the fact that expiration occurs after 60 seconds, requires more clear analysis results. Otherwise, you may receive losses.

One of the features of trading turbo options is that the decision must be made in a short time. The fact is that the work is carried out mainly with the minute chart, where the formation time of each candle is exactly 60 seconds. Accordingly, if a signal appears, you must immediately make decisions.

In order to trade in this mode, knowledge is needed. Especially in the field of technical analysis, because we are talking about working with a chart on the very youngest timeframe. Knowledge must be very deep so that the trader can apply it without looking at the training materials.

Binary options of 60 seconds are very popular among novice traders. However, as practice shows, only professionals can cope with them and work profitably. For the rest, these types of contracts turn into ordinary roulette.

Preparing to trade binary options 60 seconds

First of all, it is necessary to prepare a strategy. It needs to be carefully studied so that you can receive signals and immediately make trading decisions, almost without thinking.

Another important point is the psychological attitude. Binary options 60 seconds require an increased concentration of attention and generally a special approach. A trader needs to carefully scrutinize the chart for a fairly long period of time. Of course, this leaves a certain imprint on the well-being and psychological state.

In fact, working with such contracts is significantly different from trading with other types of options and they are not suitable for everyone. But few people think about this when it is possible in literally a minute to get up to 80% of the return on investment.

At the moment, turbo options are available from some brokers, including the famous and reliable FiNMAX, where the payout is 74-80%.

Indicators for binary options 60 seconds

Before we go on to describe the strategies used in options trading for 60 seconds, a few words must be said about indicators that can be used to receive trading signals.

The best signal sources are oscillators like RSI or Stochastic. Why? The fact is that these algorithms are ahead of the price and, accordingly, give more valuable signals to the trader. We can say that these are the most accurate indicators for turbo options.